Kinomiya Takao

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Aug. 11, 2022  6:21 PM


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Country: India (भारत) Registration Date: Mar. 03, 2010 Birthday: Nov. 10, 1995 (26 years old)

i am a beyblader since I was only about two dad brought beyblade for me thus i starred loving this sport.i know that my bit beast is dragoon and definetly i will in the future make dragoon rise and make beyblade the most popular sport in the hole world just like the anime series of beyblade,v force,g revolution.I WANNA CLEAR THIS THAT NO ONE CAN TRULY DEFEAT YOU IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS BESIDE YOU BECAUSE TRUE FRIENDS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU and beyblade is that game which is played by the inner soul and the purity of heart.if you have the true beyblading spirit than no one can truly defeat you.and my real name is tyson granger in reality.

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