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In the vast world of Hindrigo, many secrets are hidden in the unknown. As the ancient lore says, these secrets dictate the nature of this chaotic yet peaceful world. From deserts to high floods then back to deserts in a manner of minutes; from a flat world to a mountainous region to an urban place in a blink of an eye. The natures of this world are harsh, and only a specific race has grown accustomed to this world. This race soon divided between three clans: The Krobolt, The Redrocks and the Oversight along with the nomadic tribe of the exiled. Krobolt: this clan worshiped the goddess Ulula. Ulula controlled the raging seas called Water, sea creatures, and the living ghost. She bore the native colors of blue and white. Ulula blessed the Krobolt Clan with gifts from the Oceans, and transformed many of their kind into stronger beings that bore the various limbs of sea creatures. Oversight: the oversight worshiped their god, Overseer. Overseer bore titles such as the all seeing, the great eye, and the all knowing. He was the god of knowledge, technological advancement, and Spirit. He bore the native colors black and green. Overseer blessed his clan with craftsmanship and greater knowledge. He gave the power of seeing into the future by turning the heads of his people into giant eyeballs. Redrocks: the Redrocks worshiped their god, Collosus. Collosus was the god of war, black smithing and prosperity. He bore the native colors gold and red. He blessed the Redcliffs with the gift of black smithing, the art of war and the land called Soil which is full of prosperity. Due to this the other clans envy them and wish to fight them for their land. Nomadic tribe: sitting atop the mountain called High laid the nomadic camp. The nomads worshiped the god Kalus. Kalus controlled the winds of Hindrigo, and is a god of thieves. He bears the natic colors brown and gray. The nomadic tribe consist of exiles that used to belong to one of the clans, most of which were exiled for disobedience. As Kalus only controls the winds he cannot give gifts to his people. Instead they have been pushed to the point of thievery, and glorified Kalus as their symbol. "Be swift like wind. Waver aimlessly as we nomads please," is what they have chanted under his name. All of the gods and goddesses that rule over Hindrigo, are all hidden in the Unknown. There they converse with each other, under the name of the chief god, Time.

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