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Country: Registration Date: Dec. 22, 2011 Birthday: Dec. 22, 1989 (31 years old)

An energetic Beyblader collector in Colorado. Casual Artist and Classic Gamer attending CCA: Community College of Aurora for a carer in game design and to perfect Art skills to use. Yo! Name is Joe and I currently got back into Beyblades, because of collecting varieties of parts then weekly watching the Anime playing the recent games and try getting a number of people into it or significantly practice with friends with what I got so far. Also, it has been part of my childhood for long as I can remember watching the pieces clash and generating whole sorts of noises with in depth designs for offensive, balanced, stamina and defensive proportions. Just fun coming back feeling like a kid again playing with well constructed toys. I'm into Beyblading, Large amount of Anime, variety of music, painting/drawing, Street Fighter, Poke'mon, Yugioh, many video games, collecting, paranormal, old/new movies.

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