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Country: United States Registration Date: Jan. 02, 2017 Birthday: May. 19, 2005 (15 years old)

Hello, stalker! This is my profile. I am a young (13) California blader who knows way too much about beyblade prices! I'm a MFB blader that started back when I was 7, but I've been trying to integrate into a full burst blader. Drain Fafnir is my love and joy. My art skills are as good as Valt's (so terrible), and my energy level is off the charts (Unless it's monday). I say sometimes being cynical can be a good thing. If your ever around the IE (Inland Empire [California]), hit me up for a battle! Quotes: "It took me a while to realize that beyblades aren't about appealing to everyone, or trying to get others to play all the time. It's about doing what makes you happy, and that's what beyblades do for me. They make me happy! I just love seeing them smash against each other and parts flying everywhere and the unnecessarily loud noises they sometimes make. It's pure bliss to just forget about the world's problems for a while and just sit down to watch these things battle, reassemble them, and do it all again for as long as it was necessary." -Gabriel Braden a.k.a. BeyGabe "We don't talk about Shogun Steel..." - Blader Debore (non WBO) "My V2 is supposed to be bad...! SO HOW COME IT JUST ONE SHOT BURST GALAXY ZEUS H. P.?!" -Me "If Beyblades are toys and adults don't play with toys, than I never want to grow up and be an adult!" -Me

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