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Country: United States Registration Date: Jan. 07, 2020

EmperorMcQueen comes from a long line of competitive dominators dating back to to the Muromachi Period (1338-1573). His great ability is to deceive competitors into believing that he is young and naive, so that he may attack with fierce abilities while retaining the respect and humility that a true leader and dominator should possess. Much of EmperorMcQueen's communications, scheduling and logistics are handled by his Grand Steward so that he may focus on the important and all-consuming aspects of Beyblade.

EmperorMcQueen's grand goal is to rule the world - obviously - but to do so in the friendliest and most respectful ways conceivable. He feels that his path of destruction should sow the seeds of fun, laughter, friendship and pure joy by all who are affected - both directly and indirectly.

Tournament History

EmperorMcQueen hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.