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Country: Ireland Registration Date: Aug. 26, 2017 Birthday: Jun. 11, 2002 (22 years old)

Hey my names Cross, I'm a 16 year old blader from western Ireland, I grew up with the original plastic gen beys, Dranzer Gigs being my favourite out of it, but in Burst currently, the Kerbeus line has to be my favourite. I should probably mention that being a blader in Ireland is probably the most boring thing ever which is kinda sad but honestly from the looks of it, Hasbro doesn't bat an eye over to us, and I haven't seen or met any other bladers, hence the lack of any tournaments or any well(ish) known bladers from Ireland, if I was able, yes id host a tournament, but that ain't my strong suit honestly.

Tournament History

CrossBar hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.