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My name is Alex, I'm 17 years of age right now. I love beyblades because as I am blind and have been since I was 11 years old I have read books and done school and some other games as well, but beyblades have been the first ones that I can actually physically play with and challange other people. I'm not sure if is accessible for me or not but I entend to find out... one of these days lol. If anybody wants to add me to MSN or skype or something to talk a little more or something or if you would be interested in helpping me with all the different parts of the beyblade and their names it would be greatly appreciated, right now, I own 6 beyblades and about to buy a couple more, I have, storm aquerio, dark wolf, rock aries, rock orsun or something like that, flame lebra, flame sajaterio, Lightenning el drago, and.... I think that's it, I have doubles of flame sagetrio because one of the tips busted. My favorite customizations to do is Rock Aries with the eternal spike from flame lebra, and the spin track C145 from flame sajaterio. also, I have found that using the tip from storm aquerio on drago and leaving it a bit loose and not clicking it into place when it is right above the spike helps with stamina, it tends to use the spike a little for maintaining balance when it hits the stadium ground then when it begins to lose spin speed the friction from the stadium and the hole flat tip jerks it enough to push it into its hole flat all the way hince giving it a little bit more attack power to deliver a last blow or two, this tends to work for me and only for el drago because it is a left spin and the hole flat /spike tip turns to the right to click into place for the spike so the left spin turns it the opposit way pushing it into the attack. Can also be used in reverse for right spin beys, but not as effective.. Anyways just sned me some mail or something and I'll get back if you have any tips or advice on anything.

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