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Country: New Zealand Registration Date: May. 31, 2009

I'm BladEra (BladeEra), I make Beyblade AMVs... I got the passion in Beyblade since 2005 and still have the Bey-Tamashii living in me... Beyblade is more than just a game to me, its not just a kids game, it takes more than just spinning the Bey in the dish to learn the whole technique of it, it requires skills and concentration... To me, Beyblade's the best anime out there, it shows about the BladeBreakers friendship with each other, how they grew up together, suffering the pain together, training together to get even more stronger, working as a team and never giving up... People who think Beyblade is "childish" should understand the whole story and the concept of it carefully, its not just a show about spinning tops, its way more than that.....

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