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Country: Registration Date: Jul. 10, 2012 Birthday: Jun. 05, 1999 (24 years old)

When I started blading it was fun my first blade was Dark Gasher c120sf or something me and my neighbors battled on the street it was fun but my dark gashers tip was worned down later on a week after that I got a new beyblade called Rock Leone145Wb then later on my friends got the vortex set it was fun the next beyblades i got were on Christmas 2010 I gotten like 12 blades and a grip it was epic later on ive notice their was gonna be a new seris called beyblade metal fight explosion thats when I wanted to get those blades a while later I got bored of blading then in July at walmart Iwas like their finaly here ive got a Ray Strikerd125cs pretty awesome that was back last year right now im up to at least 50 blades pretty cool huh. You can check out mah youtube Beykids.

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