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Country: Canada Registration Date: Sep. 03, 2021

Hello! I am Alex and I really enjoy Beyblade, but I didn't have any official challengers before I joined this community. A little about me: 1.I ABSOULUTLY LOVE DRAGONS!!!! 2.I watch the Beyblade Burst series. 3.I do not play Beayblade Metal, only Burst. 4.I like knights, magic, dragons (like I said before), and the Middle Ages in general. 5.I actualy enjoy storms, freezing winters, rain, and all kinds of not-life-threatning-but-"bad"-weather more than sunny summer and warm weather. Right now I can only face opponents in Winnipeg, Canada, Manitoba and no further. That might change though. LOOKING FOR TOURNAMENTS IN WINNIPEG, CANADA, MANITOBA!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day/night (depends on when you are reading this)!

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Alyosha hasn't participated in any recent tournaments.