whos hyped for kingdom hearts 3

its finally time kingdom hearts 3 is schedueled to realese some time this year so please tell me about new worlds you want or expect to be in kingdom hearts three and about old worlds you want to return
The hype is real. I work for square and have worked on many of the kingdom hearts/square-enix projects...
Hoping we don't get Kingdom Hearts 2.9 1/2 before then
(In seriousness I'm excited for the next game!)
sadly I still need to get a ps4 but from, what weve seen so far it looks good
I was but the game kept freezing up on me
So Hyped! Currently replaying the KH 1.5/ 2.5 HD collection.
Well, there's hype big enough that 30+ copies of the game's Xbox One version had been stolen from a shipping warehouse, and sold online at Facebook Marketplace for $100 a pop... A MONTH AND A HALF EARLY before release date. The stupid thing is the guy used his REAL name on their. Apparently, Square-Enix was aware of this and will be doing something on their end legally to deal with the issue. Some people who bought the illegal copies from the guy had posted huge spoilers on Youtube, which after complaints, got removed REAL quick. A lot of people are not too happy with this.

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