tournamants in chicago

This is a volunteer organization. However, there are other members in Chicago. You could consider searching for them and seeing if you can get something together.
um ill try do youknow any members or where i can contact like email or something
check the map. Also, my bro and i may be able to come if something happens in chicago and if enough people will show. there was a thread about doing something this summer awhile ago.
(Jun. 29, 2009  10:03 PM)arnation Wrote: sorry for being a noob but what map

There's a link that says "Map" somewhere along the top of this site.
ohh thans u 2
loos lie im all alone in chicago lol Unhappy
wait i do see ppl just a while from here
Wut!? There are members from chicago, Synesthesia is there and he's a comittee member. There was another guy, too, but he hasn't been on in awhile. Then there are people nearby, too.
i just contacted him but he not online right now