strange attack combos: good or not?

Hello bladers, here's why i chose that title for this thread: i would like to transform a draciel f and MS into attack beys by doing so:
Ar draciel f
Wd wide defense/ten heavy + hmc or mwc
Bb defense grip base (attack mode)

Ar draciel MS
Wd circle heavy
RC grip flat core

the title is ironic because NO BLADER would use those ar's. But i love them aesthetically, so i asked to myself: if they suck with stock combos, is there any chance i could make them useful? So i posted the best combos i could think about, to avoid too much recoil in particular. You are free to express yourselves, even if i guess how you are going to comment those two combos...
I would honestly think it’s pretty good but except df Is an attack layer