rate my combo

rate my combo 1-10, and what do u think will make it better.
track-flame sag. c145
bottom-rock leone wb
Um...so the wheel is a entire blade and the bottom is an entire blade.You dont include the rest.Your using the Wheel of Libra c145BS.so

then your using the track of flame sag so

and the bottom is escolpio DF125BS is BS


but the proper way to type this combo is LibraC145BS
Change BS with WB.. and you've got urself a nice defender..
(Jun. 20, 2009  11:13 AM)Aqua Wrote: That's not how you write an MFB combo btw. All you have to do is take the name of the wheel, then the name of the track and then the name of the bottom and put them together. For example, it would not be...

Wheel: Pegasis 105F
Track: Leone 145D
Bottom: Escolpio WD145B

... instead the combo would simply be written as, Pegasis 145B.

So the combo that you posted =>
face-escolpio 145B
wheel- Libra DF125BS
track- Flame sagittario C145S
bottom- Escolpio DF125BS

... is written as, Libra C145BS.

Anyways, if your making a defensive combination, you shouldn't use the BS bottom (since it's for stamina), you should use a B, D or WB bottom.