one of my best combos

the last combo i made, before i move to metal fight is

AR: Driger gatling
WD: Magnet wieght
SG: Engine gear left spin ( dragoon galaxy )
Base: Dragoon Galxay turbo

It was my combination of a defensive attack blade.
the attack ring spun opposite of what it was sapposed to, causing opposing attacks to slide off, but at the same time the opposite rotation give my blade an excelent back spin for attacking.

it was difficult to beat
It wasn't able to win long stamina battles though.

I would like to keep this combo going using MF parts, but i don't know where to start.
You should use the "Build Me a Combo!" thread for this. There was no reason to open a new thread just for one thing.
sorry, your right, i am still gettin the hang of the WBO.

i still posted the combo in the right spot though right?
Hm, I am not certain hjwbroussard is even asking for a better combination ... And Pepe le Penguin has decided that his "Rate my Combo" topic should not serve any purpose anymore, so I do not really know where else this is supposed to go now, hah.

Also, you probably cannot fully translate this customization onto Metal Fight Beyblade, hjwbroussard. The parts are quite different.
yea you're right, well, it was worth a shot.
seems like now this thread is a wasted one. :-(

Thank you Kai-V