[missouri,usa]are there any bladers nearby?

Poll: where can I find the most bladers

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any sort of activity here?
I dunno, I could drive to Missouri possibly. Or everyone can come to me.
i go to leabonon wich is near springfiel for vaca
but i blade i don,t wheel

i meant blade and i do not wheel
(Apr. 02, 2017  12:13 AM)ethen brown Wrote: but i Wheel i don,t wheel

It's April 1st B l a d e  has been changed to wheel
(Apr. 02, 2017  12:31 AM)ethen brown Wrote: why

i mean almost none uses Wheel whells

It's an april fools joke
(Aug. 27, 2012  1:44 AM)beybladedad Wrote: I know of several beyblade fans in the Glen Carbon, Illinois area (just across the river from St. Louis) that would be interested in local competitive play. Please let me know what's available in the region.


I live in carbondale area if anyone's looking for bladers in southern illinois.
Hey, I'm in Trenton, MO, which is 1.5 hrs north of Liberty. I don't know where my old beys are, but this competitive scene thing looks fun. I'd like to learn all the good parts, techniques, and whatever else entails competitive sets.
I live 2 hours away from Springfield, MO and Poplar Bluff, MO
The Beyblade community is also starting to grow around where I live.
I live in Missouri and am Looking for bladers so we can start a tournament in Kansas City
im near the overland park kansas area, just started buying beys recently
(Dec. 19, 2018  12:50 AM)gxpt2000 Wrote: im near the overland park kansas area, just started buying beys recently

Maybe we could meet up sometime and have a battle
we can definitely meet up, where would you be ok with meeting up?
also do you have a beystadium??
Yeah i have a stadium and how about Butler mo

wait first i should take a organizer quiz and be able to make a tournament

And we should come up with a plan first
butler mo is 1 hour away from me..

if anything we should probably come up with a plan and players before we start tourneys
true. But hey first we should battle and see who is better
(Dec. 21, 2018  5:06 PM)Spartan1 Wrote: true. But hey first we should battle and see who is better

i messaged you
I live in Missouri my hometown is Odessa Mo
Yo, any Kimberling City Burst bladers up for a tournament? I've got my Hell Salamander.Nine.Extend+ that's looking for competition!!!
I live in Leavenworth Kansas which is right next to Missouri! I’ll be super duper excited if I could come to your tournament! Hopefully it’ll be posted in the tournament schedule thing! Grin
Hey, looking into tournament near Kansas city area. We live in Trenton, MO so little bit of a drive but not bad. Let me know if you guys can get 3 other players and we can be your solid 4th. Looking forward to it (:
Hey All,

I Live in the Belton Area and work in Kansas City, Been on and off on Beyblade since the very first season and looking to add Beyblade to my Youtube Channel. Anyone in the area know of any tournaments going on???