Poll: what type of blades do you use

A. mfb (metal fussion beyblade's)
B. g revolution beyblades
C.v force beyblades
D. original beyblades
Total: 100% 6 vote(s)
hi im 1996beyblader i have a youtube acc i will be uploading some vids but cause i carn't get my camara working i will only be uploading videos made on gmax by my camra man legdig i am planning on getting new original blades or a couple with engine gear but as they cost alot and my bugget is short it will be limmeted i have made a code of conduct for me and a team of blader's that you must follow if you are intrested know that
1. we do NOT use mfb blades
2. we do NOT use the g revolution blade unless they are just engine gear one not the one's covered in metal
3. we do use original and v force blades
4. we are allways up for a challange
if you are intrested in joining my team or have qeustions or reqeusts or want to battle or are willing to swap somew blades or parts contact me on luke.taylor54@yahoo.co.uk
chow for now Grin