good smashers that works for me

Poll: better combo

Total: 100% 9 vote(s)
AR:vortex ape
WD:8 heavy
Bb:strata dragoon flat tip

AR:dragoon gt
WD:eight prong weight disk
Bb:Aggressive Running Core
AR:seaborg 2
WD:8 heavy
SG: left
Bb:dragoon g- engine gear
Chocked_2 What are you talking about ???

Some of those parts are from completely different systems and are incompatible ...
They're not even named or categorized correctly either Pinching_eyes_2

I suggest you read this
Whoa dude. What is 'BD' and 'Agressive Running Core'?

You should check out the Beywiki, it will help you out.

AR: Vortex Ape
WD: Wide Defense
SG: neo right/left (Heavy Metal Core)
BB: Gaia Dragoon V/Storm Grip

AR: dragoon gt
WD: Wide Defense
SG: neo right (Heavy Metal Core)
BB: Gaia Dragoon V

AR: seaborg 2
WD: Wide Defense
SG: neo left (Heavy Metal Core)
BB: Gaia Dragoon V

First combo does really well in either spin direction. Last combo gives you a really wide range. The second combo is decent, but I wouldn't use it over the Seaborg 2 or Vortex Ape combos.

I think Wide Defense will be the only part that you'll have trouble finding, but I'd recommend getting one if you're really into plastics. For now you can probably substitute it with 10-Wide.
aggressive running core is my favourite bb
(Jun. 16, 2009  10:16 PM)Ghost Wrote: I agree

I'm sure you do.
You probably don't believe a word I say anymore after that 9000 comment do you Unhappy..

Back on topic.
I think the comboes are good, and there's really not much I can suggest outside of what the others have said.
(Jun. 28, 2009  4:28 AM)dark wolf Wrote: I like these combos. They seem decent.

Based on what?

Please don't post unless you can explain your stances.
2nd Custom was my favourite, well out of the choices mostly everyone chose it.