good build

i have a phantom orion (
i have a variares
and a cosmic pegasus
not all stock parts
i have 2 metal tips
1 in variares and 1 in cosmic pegasus

and 2 plastic face bolts and a metal one

phantom orion is stock from the link i showed and the the over 2 i got from a firend for a flame sagatirio Grin

i need to beat my firends girffin/dragooon
and his bandit golem/dragoon

he has shogun steel custimaztions

i need to make the bey to beat those beys
right now my beys are getting smashed by his
so please
please please
give me a good custimazation
EeeEeeEeeEeeEeeEeeEee Tongue_out
This belongs in the "build me a combo #2" thread