did they beyblade 200 years ago?

actully they did. i came back from bouston and before bouston we went to rhode island. the gift shop had a sort of top. its like a whip. u put a 4 ft string spinning around the top. then throw it while holding the edge. kids used to put a nail on the top while spinning and the other kid spins his on top of it to make the top with the nail break in 2! then in bunker hill a top with a launcher and shoelace. it looked amazing.also if u seen anything like this write in the thread. no stupid spam.
Yes, spinning tops were played with way before beyblade, they were called Beygoma's. Beyblade is the "revamp" of the toy. We all knew this. BTW, they played with them longer than 200 years.
ok........... UR A CRITIC u made me sad. close it plz. some one.
(Jun. 13, 2009  6:30 AM)flamerx1231 Wrote: ok........... UR A CRITIC u made me sad. close it plz. some one.

It doesn't mean we can't still leave the topic open and discuss it. XD I was just saying, didn't mean to be rude. Wink
Spinning tops have been a part of most civilizations. It's actually really interesting stuff.

Wow that article was fantastic! The greatest thing is ever after centuries of times have passed were still fascinated by the simple spinning top. Grin
That is pretty interesting. I'm suprised at how many different kinds there are. I wanna go see that top that flips when spun. Grin
EDIT: ^^^ That as well, spinning tops will fascinate people for a long time, I think. They are just so interesting XD
im sorry a little fidgety from 6 exspressos.... PIE! also great articale u all see why that i like to see all tops from civalations.
how the **** they do that!? i can barley launch mine
I love string tops, I have one in my basement. I need to pull it out and practice again.

But the best I ever got as a kid was just launching it; I didn't know any tricks. A traditional game my dad taught me was one person would launch their wooden top, and the other person would try and launch theirs on top of it, knocking it out. Since the main top was wood and the tip was iron sometimes the other wooden top would split in two.

Thank god they were dirt cheap.
I've never had any of the old ones But I did love those games before beyblade where you battled the llitte plastic tops.
My grandmother and grandfather usto play spinning top games and stuff its funny cuase they are still a big part in the gaming stuff lol other words there now beyblades lol

mine just flew out of my window. and got a dent........
(Jun. 17, 2009  9:13 PM)flamerx1231 Wrote: mine just flew out of my window. and got a dent........

This has nothing to do with this topic.
hmm im sure people have battled dreidels 200 years ago (no racism intended im part jewish also)

"In recent years there have been many developments with the technology of the top. Bearing tops, with a tip that spins, have been one of the biggest changes. Fixed tip tops are featured in National Championshipse=March 200567" ....Anyone else realize how much fail this part is?
hahaha i couldn't figure out what that part meant
Well tbh, the spinning tops are as old as the civilization itself
You can see it for yourself if you have the chance to visit the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations where wooden tops are displayed in the exhibit of the Hittite Empire which was estabilished in 2000 BC Wink
I am tempted to make a Beigoma style arena (forget what they're called) for the FanExpo meet-up...
My grandpa tells me that he use to play with tops, but back in his time they use to make their own tops, as we call it today is customizing.. But we just get parts of other beyblades and put them with more parts.. Plus the new ones are made of metal, my grandpa's were made of wood.. He showed me his collection, the Legend in the making *tear* lol.. But weird, when u compare mine to his, they kinda look the same, the Attack Rings had pointed ends.. And as a Bit beast, they used coins, "GO President Lincoln" lol..
Haha, what does he think of Beyblades?
He wishes we had a President Lincoln Bit-Beast probably...
[Image: LincolnBitBeast.png]
Lol he thinks its cool, now that im buying an all metal beyblade hes bound to say something about it..
nice pic and i checked that some countries dont even know about spinning tops.
well before beyblade me and my friends usta sit at the cafetia tables and flick quarters at eachother and whoevers quarter spun longer won and if it went off the table u lost