come and join the battle

Hello bladers
there is gonna be a tournament on friday this week
the place is in england, southen on sea and at chase high school
and only 30 bladers can come so hurry up and take the places and they will be pizes for who ever win the tournament u only got one day left now

Starts at 3:00pm
ends at 5:00pm
How many people are in it so far, and didn't I say you should try and make the date later because you are not going to get up to 30 bladers by Friday.....Also, did you get permission from a mod or something about it?
These 12 so far cause i only have 12 bladers at school and i do have permission and i still got u down if u are still caming
your thread was already closed it wasnt approved
Dude, seriously? Your threads were already closed by mods...
Here is what you need to do:

For the title add [Town/City, Country]

Add some content to this. Don't say we have a tournament on Friday. Non official tourneys will result in a closed thread.
Discussion of unofficial tournaments not approved by the WBO is strictly prohibited.

Stop making these threads or you will be severely warned.