can somebody make a tournament in chicago

any bladers in chicago illinois that can start a tournament
Yeah this would be awesome, some of my friends are really into beyblade and this would be awesome
The WBO is a fan-run, volunteer organization. That means tournaments don't just happen on their own; they're organized by passionate members of their local Beyblade communities who are most willing to volunteer their time and energy to create competitive and fun Beyblade experiences for everyone.

If anyone of you is seriously interested in playing at a competition, consider organizing one yourself! We have a host of resources at your disposal so you can learn how. The first step is familiarizing yourself with the Organizer's Guide and organized play rulebooks, and only once you've done that can try your hand at our Organizer's Quiz.

I will close this topic now because we have several other topics for Chicago and Illinois which have already existed for much longer and have accumulated more replies from more members. Please use the search function before creating new topics in the future to ensure a thread for the topic or question you have does not already exist and has been answered already.