beyblade tournaments in puerto rico

hey i am new and am telling all people in puerto rico and close should come to this tournament and it costs 2 dolares to enter the winner gets cyber pegasus and im shure all of you have a great chance beacuse all the people that come have sucky beyblade so its worth it if your good for a free beyblade
1st:cyber pegasus
2nd:5 dolares
3rd:1 dolare
not much come but im changing that
people 20-40 are coming
if lots come it shall change too
1st:cyber pegasus 5 dollars
if more than 30 people come
it also will be onley tournament for 1-2 months so get moven
also is at a park in moca if need help i will post directions
info or post or personal messege
questions just post or personal messege
directions: i do not know the road but its big has mr speceal and then a chelos gas and then you will see a sign to the park of moca or you will only see sign if go the other way if anyone needs better directions i will post if you ask
drakio Retired
This should go in the WBO Organized Play, this topic is for you to tell us about yourself.
and may not awnser a post but 100 percent shure that i will awnser a personal messege
you know i am telling i am a tournament maker
Mickey Retired
This tournament is for telling us, the WBO about yourself, not tournaments. Also, this should go in the WBO Organized play section. Finally, it costs $5 to enter a WBO tournament, not 2. Reported.