(austin, Texas) are there any bladers near by?

I've been trying to get a tournament scheduled for late January, and I'm currently waiting on the folks at Dragon's Lair to confirm a date.
k thanks ill see if I can come
Please make a Austin tournament!
This tournament is happening on March 30th: https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Step-In...chi--85430
Hey guys please you were asking for a tournament and you got it join
I live 10 min away from Austin so haveing more events there would be awesome
(Dec. 07, 2010  11:29 PM)Soalman Wrote: hey im looking for some one to hold a BeyBlade tournament because im pretty bored and i think it would be really be awesome if someone could put fliers around Austin so i could have something to do. Grin
Tournament on the 6th of April
I would like to know about the next tournament in Austin. Thanks
My son went to yesterday’s Austin tournament and had a blast. He is already asking to go to more. Will there by any in the next few months?