Zero-g four season bladers

I thought since cosmic pegasis evolved into samurai pegasus the other legendary bladers of the 4 seasons should get evolutions too.

Ryuga- sakyo is already substituting ldrago with dragoon.

Kyoya- fortress leone w125tb. w125 stands for wall 125 which is a heavy cube shaped track. Tb is twin ball. The crystal wheel(green) is almost completely round with small bumps on it. The chrome wheel is a lion wearing a crown surrounding the inside design. 

Kenta- archer sagitarrio 180ewd. the crystal wheel is yellow. The Chrome wheel has feathers on the outside and the inside is a bunch of arrows. 

Chris- phantom orion sbd. Since there is already a crystal wheel called phantom this will be called the zero g phantom orion. Sbd is super bearring drive which has 2 sets of bearrings. The chrome wheel is the phantom on the face bolt.

If takara tomy makes these beys then there will only be 100 real versions of each. 
This is not to be put in the your creations thread. I want takara tomy to actually make this.
Zero-G hasn't been in production for four years so you're out of luck on that one.