Zero-G Orion

I was wondering what would phantom Orion look like in shogun steel but how can you improve on basically the ultimate stamina type, so here is my idea.
Metal face Phantom Orion free230 eternal wide defense
The spin track and performance tip are freespining giving Orion a lot of stamina, and the phantom fusion wheel has most of its weight on the outside giving Orion more stamina, and the metal face bolt adds weight to Orion giving it even more stamina.
Tell me what you think about it.
Now if Orion got a Zero G evolution it would probably be something like Bandid Orion F230 CF.

I know Circle Flat seems like a strange choice but with the free spinning spin track it should be good for stamina. Or at least act as a sway resistant tip.

The Orion Chrome Wheel likely would be similar to the shape of Phantom, relatively balanced but hollow in the middle to increase Outer Weight Distribution.
But I thought that if Chris was in shogun steel he would just change bearing drive for f230 EWD and keep phantom so Orion would be basically immune to the cyclone stadium and just spin forever.

Plus if Orion goes off balance, EWD is wide enough to let it regain balance.