Well just post you're channel name I'll check it out and a few others will. Pretty much this is advertising for everyone.
My channel is bleachwaffles I'll subscribe to you if you subscribe to me.
Most people on here probs know it already, but hey -
(Apr. 24, 2009  3:04 AM)Khel Wrote:

I never knew that. Chocked

My Channel serves no purpose of beyblading at all but still check it out Grin

And I knew most of your youtube channels already xD

Now working on Tala - This Is Halloween!!!!!!!!
(Apr. 24, 2009  9:22 PM)Anu Wrote: XD

LMAO, Is that you?
Hey, why not.

I haven't made any videos though but that doesn't matter.
(Apr. 24, 2009  9:27 PM)Driger Wrote: LMAO, Is that you?

Yes... Cool
i just posted "i hate you" on his challen XD
(Apr. 25, 2009  3:29 AM)sousa98 Wrote: i just posted "i hate you" on his challen XD

cool thanks andnplease subscribe!!!
(Apr. 25, 2009  3:32 AM)blader9 Wrote: cool thanks andnplease subscribe!!!

yeah i just sub to you right now
Thanks, he's going to be so pissed. XD
Can't you just ignore people like that? Their not worth going out of your way for.
Why did you even respond in the first place? With trolls it's always easier to just delete their comments. Eventually they get bored. Always the best way to deal with it. ^^
blader9 your weird, whats up with the (plz sub)? in every beyblade related channel i find you asking for sub Confused why do you need these so badly?

and here is my channel: