Your Bey Revelations

I lost interest in Beyblade for a few. I felt like it was boring and I almost wanted to sell them lol (boy I would've been mad at myself for that.) I know I don't want to sell them whether I like them or not. So I cracked them out one day and started just looking at them, and then I just felt a spark, as if I wanted to play again lol. I get these all the time; I feel like I don't like it, then I play it and BOOM! Sparked interest again.

What's your story?
I "quit" in january, because of my band and school starting to demand more work, etc...
Now this week, my little brother and mother went on a trip to France and after 2-3 days, my mother called me, telling me that my bro had bought a "Twisted Tempo" for me...
It found it rather sweet and thanked him..

But, knowing that I would be able to make a good amount of new combinations and kind of missing the whole game... I started thinking, changed my mind and started looking up stuff again on the WBO.

After seeing some vids on youtube, I had been "sold" and "officially" started playing again. Grin
with me i quit at the end of 2010 because at school i was accused of stealling some kids poison serpant anyways it totally put me off i grabbed em and put them in a box and tapped it up and then threw them under my bed then a few weeks later i got them out of the box and did something stupid i got my dark bull and dark wolf and set them on fire....anyway then it was probably in jully of 2011 i was looking for something and found them under my bed and started playing them and pretty much never looked back and then expanded my collection dramaticly and here i am now! Grin