Yggdrasil Discussion.

[Launches alternated]

Yggdrasil Heavy Defense vs. Deathscyther Heavy Survive
Yggdrasil: 10 (7 OS, 3 Burst)
Deathscyther: 10 (4 Bursts, 6 OS)

This started very well for Yggdrasil, but then it just seemed to burst more easily. Globally it did not depend on who was launched first though.

[Non-Attack Beyblade launched first]

Yggdrasil Heavy Zephyr vs. Deathscyther Heavy Survive
Yggdrasil: 4 (Bursts)
Deathscyther: 6 (5 OS, 1 Self-KO)

Yggdrasil Heavy Xtreme vs. Deathscyther Heavy Survive
Yggdrasil : 6 (Bursts, 1 OS)
Deathscyther: 4 (3 OS, 1 Burst)

Yggdrasil Heavy Xtreme versus Neptune Heavy Defense was just full of double Bursts...

And then my equipment kept screwing up, although less intensively than for Zero-G, so I stopped...

In my opinion though, Yggdrasil is good for getting below a Layer and bursting the opponent.
Hmm... Good stats... But I think that Yggdrasil still haves a better potential in a stamina type Beyblade...

Or passive defense type...
Interesting results. Have you noticed any wear on the teeth after all the tests ?
None that I could see. I looked because I found it weird that it was almost increasingly fragile and Burst, but there was nothing visible.
on Xtreme did it consider Mobile defense or more attack type?! It look to have a good potential for attack. probably not that good compared to Valkyrie and Xcalibur.
(Mar. 23, 2016  9:55 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Yggdrasil Heavy Xtreme vs. Deathscyther Heavy Survive
Yggdrasil : 6 (Bursts, 1 OS)
Deathscyther: 4 (3 OS, 1 Burst)

Wait, how did YHX out spin DHS?
Maybe my knocking it off-balance? A single outspin anomaly isn't that unusual.
When I pick up mine I will do some tests too! I see it at the tournament today and it looks to work pretty well
So I opened my Yggdrasil yesterday and I was actually quite happy with the first results I've got.

Note: These tests are done in the BB-10 Attack Type Stadium as I don't have the new Standard Type Stadium yet. I know these are not valid tests, but imo they might be interesting and useful.


Yggdrasil Heavy Revolve vs. Valkyrie Gravity Xtreme
YHR always launched first.
YHR: 13 (10 OS, 3 BF)
VGX: 7 (4 KO, 3 BF)
Detail Results (Click to View)
YHR Win %: 65.0%

My Valkyrie was used just a few times before this test (~15 spins), Yggdrasil even less (~3 spins) and Xtreme is worn down to a very good point.
I'm impressed with these results. Yggdrasil took all the hits pretty good, it was not that easy for Valkyrie to burst it and I was surprised that Yggdrasil managed to Burst Valkyrie instead 3 times.
I launched YHR quite "weak", that means so hard that it could win the stamina battles (which was not that hard with Revolve vs. Xtreme) and weak enough to not burst. And I decided to use Heavy, because it seemed reasonable to me. I don't have another Gravity for now.

So yeah, as I've said: BB-10. So you can decide if you take this into consideration Wink

Greetings Smile
I found this really interesting. I have to try some stuff with mine too. that layers is particular it depends on what you want to and face out.
finaly I found the right thread! hah! I've tried Yggdrasil on Gravity and Orbit and I'm pretty surprise from the first results I got at now! I need to do more formal testing and I would like to see with you to make a bunch of test on that combination. it still to be a Defense/Stamina Type.

My own testing should be available as soon as possible!