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OSW Wrote:hehe ok i see.
i will try to trade with other members maybe soon, but i feel that yj may be cheaper (for shipping etc) in most cases.

i forgot to ask this question before. what feels better to you; normal hms custom grip handle, or the round shell ms launcher handle?

and how rare is a hms custom grip on yj?

oh man, i keep thinking of more questions...

i remember there being a blade base which can hold a sub ring. what blade was it?

If you're interested, there is a store in my area with Dragoon and Dranzer GT for 3$ each. :]

I'd be happy to pick some up for you the next time I'm over there.
AnnieDuck Wrote:If you're interested, there is a store in my area with Dragoon and Dranzer GT for 3$ each. :]

I'd be happy to pick some up for you the next time I'm over there.

That would be really awesome of you. but will the shipping be much? (i know it's just two blades, but you said in the other topic abaout canada shipping Gasp). still, i'm willing to pay up to $10 shipping, i hope that would cover it... and we're talking CAD right? or do you operate in USD.

maybe i should make a new topic... here we go
Yes, I am talking CAD. And I don't think I'd be able to ship it for under 10$, unless I did ground which takes like 40 000 years.
G Wrote:
bugturtles Wrote:

^ Ohhhh, shiny~

^ Ohhhh, Blizzard Orthrus-y.

Damn I really want half of that Orthros

qft. Orthros's bb looks sooooo rad.
I still don't have one. D:
what is in these random boosters?

and is there random booster part list page somewhere?

and can someone please give me a link to the bbdamashii archive?
The first one is fake. It's a knockoff of the second one.

^ Ohhh~ Galeon with Wide Attack WD...

^ Dragoon S, Dragoon S Recolor, and Dragoon V Recolor

^ More Recolors.

^ Even more Recolors.

^ "Phantom Fox MS Event Pack"


You know what? I'm kinda mad at myself for not buying some HMS lots a while ago.. If only I was interested earlier..!


If you use Rakuten:

^ Some Customize Grip parts here. There's also a.. Lanyard for your Grip..? Snipe Compass and Roller Support are also found here.

^ =)
OSW Wrote:
looks like a Uriel 2?

except not at all

it's a silver dragoon v
OSW Wrote:
looks like a Uriel 2?

Yeah and that would be like Uriel1 not 2, but like Brad said yeah it's Dragoon V. you can tell because there are tinier spikes in-between the bigger ones. Uriel 1 doesn't have that.
Getting a credit card soon.

Woo, here I come YJA!

EDIT: Ooh, nice
whoops, i didn't check closely enough Tongue_out

Kei - pity they're asking 15000 yen haha.
Juv Wrote:

this one better then the lot above me?

They're two really different things though. I'd go for the 2nd one if I were starting the game like in your case to understand more parts and Beys better, but the 1st one is nice since you have a chance at rare stuff.

^ 1 Black Custom Grip, 1 White Custom Grip, 2 recolors, etc..


^ Really bulky. Not sure if anyone would want, but like they say, one person's trash is another person's treasure.. (or something like that!)

^ Imagine lots of Phantom Foxes in this. Gasp

^ I think this is Dranzer S in white..

^ Another bulky lot, but with [older series] Beyblades.
Translation from Google Wrote:The auction for more apical Thank you. 今回の商品は限定品も多数入っているベイブレードです。 The product is a limited number of goods already in the beyblade. <限定品>・ドラグーンSシルバーver・ウルボーグ ブルーメタルver・ガイアドラグーン・ドランザーS レッドverです。 <Limited goods> S DORAGUN Silver ver URUBOGU Blue Metal ver GAIADORAGUN DORANZA Red S ver. 即決して頂いた方には、今ではかなり珍しいミニベイブレードもお付けします。 The decision capped side is now also available with a rather unusual MINIBEIBUREDO. 写真3枚目です。 Photo 3rd. 発送方法は、ゆうパックの着払いのみでお願いします。 Shipping how the wart pack collect only, please. では、宜しくお願いします。 ,宜SHIKU.

wtf Chocked
Yes, they're mini Beyblades. Quite hilarious. Smile
ooh. some kind of "mini beyblade"... i can see why those launchers and ripcords circled are messed up too.

although there are some ok real normal beyblades there
(i want gaia dragoon!)

i wonder if those electronic game launcher thingos are normal too...

oh how i love the translation

do these actually launch beyblades? i've seen them in a few sets
edit: kinda looks like they do

this would be kinda cool, pity it's expensive.