"X Marks The Spot" Tournament Report 7/29/2023

Here's my tournament report on the tournament event organized by Dan which took place at High Park on July 29th, 2023! 

The day started under challenging weather conditions, with a persistent downpour forcing us to delay the start time slightly until the skies cleared. As the rain finally cleared up, more participants arrived. 

It was awesome to welcome some newcomers who had been interested in our previous demonstration of the X at the previous Burst Standard event. 

One notable participant who travelled for the event was fabelavalon, an impressive blader who wielded the legendary DRANZER S. 

To ensure everyone could participate fully, I happily lent out my DranSword 3-60 Flat and cord to those who lacked the new X releases. 

The 1v1 format with the point structure set by WBO proved to be remarkably fair, and I had no issues about the 7-point system used for the finals. 

The event went at a fast pace which was good to see. 

As for my own Beyblade, I found great success with Knight Shield 3-60 Taper. Its impressive stamina and counter-attacking capabilities proved excellent, especially against DranSword 3-60 Flat setups and other aggressive combinations. 

Throughout the event, I emphasized the significance of various factors—such as USER skill, LAUNCH POWER, and ANGLE OF LAUNCH—that contribute to one's strategy. I was showing to Fabel the difference in how to launch Dranzer S that made the difference after their match since these things are very important. 

DranSword 3-60 Flat I believe is a lil overrated, if two skilled players use one having DranSword and the other some other blade it can get countered a lot or lose via stamina. It isn't a BAD release just not something I feel is too strong since most people here know how to apply the 3 factors discussed previously.

Currently, I am pleased to note that the X meta appears to be fairly balanced, allowing bladers to have considerable freedom in their choice of Beyblades. The excitement of the stadium gimmick adds an unpredictable and thrilling element to each match, often becoming the decisive factor in determining victory or defeat. 

A special shoutout goes to Tahoor, whose exceptional skills with the stock WizardArrow was insane with their sweep. Even after switching to 4-60, they continued their winning streak. 

Overall, the event was a success and a great time, thanks to Dan's great help and all the bladers present. I am excited for future events with stuff like KnightLance and other stuff as the meta develops!