Wolf Children

Hi. So... I just finished an anime movie called Wolf Children and it was AMAZING!!!!!! It was so beautiful!! I almost cried XD. The animation, the music, the storyline... EVERYTHING! The first few scenes were... How can I put this. There wasn't anything directly explicit, but if you watch it, skip the part after the first wolf transformation. Anyways, it was kind of sad at the end. And NOW I am going to make a fan animation for it even though I can hardly draw and I don't have an animation program for anime. Regardless, I'll find a way to make a fan made... Something. It was a great anime movie. If anyone else has seen it, what were your thoughts?
Even though you can draw or have little setbacks it's always great to look into getting something new and something you like I have faith that you can make this work out for you
(Jul. 27, 2019  8:15 PM)Emperor 1 Wrote: SOUNDS AWESOME CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE IT.

Oi. If you watch it. Skip the part after the first wolf transformation in the beginning k? That is, if you don't want to watch anything crazy (aka explicit. It's not directly explicit but still, just skip it)