Whine about your breaks

My brother came and launched my Thermal Pisces (my dear sign) while I was testing a Storm Pegasis's RF that fell off the table to the asphalt. It was knocked out, (RF is alright) and the ES bottom split on contact with the asphalt. D: That's my tale.
my first MFB bey part hardcore cracked

my first TT by earth aquilla
its wheel got cracked whem my lldrago105hf/s(testing) lifted it up and out of my hasbro stadium and cracked as hit hit the floot
i may never order a TT bey again(if hasbro will make it) hopefully when i get a stadium from TT my hasbro bey dont dammage that to
I don't see why people like Dranzer F/ Black Dranzer so much. I had a hasbro version and within the first few days one of the three tips snapped off. And then during battle they randomly turn because they aren't held tightly enough by the SG. Also the attack ring snapped in half.
yestarday my dragoon gt was lost then i found it and the parts was all broken i guess someone standed on it
(Aug. 28, 2010  1:21 AM)Dan Wrote: I doubt you have triple 90's. Unless you have 3 Quetz'. The rest are easy to get triplets.
I have 5 Dan and also my string launcher finally broke after 3 months of use
My biggest break was from my Wolborg 2's AR, it snapped right next to the bit holder. Surprised me considering Wolborg 2's heft as an AR. I didn't think there could be a spot that weak on it.
i just broke my ldrago Unhappy and it was facing my friend failed stamina bey?
the face shattered, the bolt snaped yet the track and the tip is ok still

then he launched his def bey and went though and dented then cracked my stadiums wall and has a huge crack where the walls touched floor
The face 'shattered"?

I don't see how that's possible. I can understand a broken bolt (Which means you tighten it way too much) but shattering?
(Aug. 29, 2010  7:02 PM)Corey Wrote: The face 'shattered"?

I don't see how that's possible. I can understand a broken bolt (Which means you tighten it way too much) but shattering?

yea when we launched we hit in the air and when the bey hit the ground it hit my door handle first (tables is located right next to the door) and i saw is shatter i have a face bolt ine 4 parts wish i can take a pic
where the sticker was is cracked and the bolt itself was snapped prob from force
They do warn not to play on elevated surfaces ...
(Aug. 29, 2010  7:30 PM)Kai-V Wrote: They do warn not to play on elevated surfaces ...
yeah on the manual
who reads that
we all know how to assemble a bey
It is a universal Beyblade rule though. It was even there in the previous generations.
(Aug. 29, 2010  7:38 PM)Kai-V Wrote: It is a universal Beyblade rule though. It was even there in the previous generations.
Lol, yeah and if I remember correctly some of the old Hasbro stadiums have stickers on them saying not to put the stadium on elevated surfaces.
yea btw i was using my old draggon hurican stadium so yea it was posted

idk now i'm just gana use this bolt from my friends car shop(he and his dad repairs old cars for a living)
hope it will work as a holder(wont use to blade)
Well my Trypio's AR broke... although not very conventional in battle, it was really fun launching it sideways, making it bounce around! And no that wasnt how it broke lol.
I haven't really broken anything recently but I remember when I first got Beyblades I broke the AR's so fast.. once I broke Master Driger on the day i got it... I remember I used to watch the show and I thought I could launch my beyblade into the wall... you can guess what happened lol.
A chunk of my RF got taken out (again) and my other one is being used in a different custom. I'll probably suck it up because I don't blade seriously enough to own a carp ton of RFs. Ill get a new one if a tourney comes up...
sf tip chipped Uncertain now it spins bumpy like q and only spins for about five seconds
h145 1st mold finnaly broke aftr a year Crying it wuz doin preetttyy good
Once i was owning with Earth Leone ED145WB and then on my like 50th match this guy with poison aries 90F sliced off my facebolt! My bolt wasnt tightned enough apperently, so the shock caused E. Leone to explode. then he sliced my facebolt to bits! *sniff sniff* Leone is unusable, and now ive gone and ordered metal faces!

Ps. Can anyone test out MF Earth Leone GB145WB?
Your Bey, "MF Earth Leone GB145WB" is technically classified as a top-tier Beyblade, with the exception of no Bull CW. I would imagine it would perform well, otherwise it wouldn't be on the Competitive Combos list.

H145 Mold 2 is cracking... not that it's of any use, but it's depressing when a part breaks.
a split crack has appeared on my handle on my string launcher. the crack could widen and eventually the hole handle will come off with only the string which will retract inside the launcher itself. Unhappy
(Aug. 30, 2010  6:00 PM)桃太郎 Wrote: but it's depressing when a part breaks.

Haha, dark says Hi.
elscolpio says hi and string launcher handle says bye Unhappy