Which MFB do you think looks the coolest?

For me it has to be Dark Wolf since that was the main reason i bought it.
Quetzalcoatl does it for me. Half the reason I shelled out 60 for it.
Flame sag FOR SURE
Second would probably be crimson's green rock leone.

They all look great to me...except for pegasis and gemios and wolf
Quetzalcoatl for sure.
I also think the original Saggitario is awesome looking.
Quetzalcoatl for number 1 spot

I also love the way Virgo looks
Quetz sure as hell doesn't look that pristine anymore eh?

Mine sure doesn't at least.

Also I forgot to mention my third favorite looking MFB would be Pisces. I mean come on, Shark Beyblade.
Pisces is amazing looking, actually. If Hasbro doesn't release it I'll kill myself for selling mine.

Also, Quetz looks battered as hell now and I still think it looks amazing.
The silver one definitely looks cool when battered. Unfortunately the gold version doesn't hold up as well.
Quetzacoatl is the best looking MFB for sure.

L Drago, Pisces and Escolpio are all pretty awesome as well.
Virgo also looks pretty amazing.
Pisces was awesomely designed and Rock Leone is absolutely beautiful=)
though my fave blade is storm pegasis hehe
Quetz and Flame Sag looked the best to me.
for all the ones ive seen, Gemios
For all the ones i have (When i originally got them) Pegasus
Quetzalcoatl for sure.
Pisces is also amazing.
why doesnt anyone like the blue version of Aquario... ¬.¬

its my favorite blade by far... im just sad about all the battle scars... wish i had a second one magically in mint condition XD

blue Aquario, red Virgo, silver Quetz, Pisces... and i kinda love the Aquario clear wheel XD
I forgot sbout pisces. Thats second
Blue version of Aquarrio Tongue_out I love mine.
I like Gemios and Pisces and Sag. as well.
I love the green aquario with escolpios face. It looks awesome 8D
wolf, libra, cancer, sagg
Quetzalcoatl, Storm Pegasis and Virgo. In that order Grin
Pisces it Looks Great Pisces well devouer the other blade (in looks)(some not all)