Whats your beyblade

hey i have a beyblade team called static 4 there is me and 3 other girls on my team and we wear wondering how many other bladers have a team like we do.The only team i saw was this guy on youtube and japan bladers also on youtube so if any one her has a team please leaf a comment or something so i can just see also becouse someone told me they saw on the WBO that kyouya was joing team Africa nexts seson when they start joing teams and stuff so i thought it would be a good idea to see other teams

PS: please dont make fun of anyone elsis name , If u dont have a team please dont post unless you use to have a team or are planeing on makeing one. Also if u have a team can u please tell us wear u live and some info on your team becouse me and my team kinda wanna make a team tournment if anyone was interested in that or anything so yeaa plz leave a comment or a questions
I have a team: The Face Breakers. on facebook.
Uhm.. This part of the WBO is for "Questions and Comments" about the said organization. However, I`m unsure as to where you should post this.