WhatTheBeyDays!? 2022!

We had a really fun little tournament for my first tourney here in Portland OR! 14 people showed up despite the threat of rain, and we played in the shelter at Wilshire park. We did 2 group round robin style going to top 4. I kept things moving and we were able to play the first stage in about 3 hours or so! Many parents were grateful! It was a pretty healthy mix of kids and adults, and it’s exciting to see the competition evolving here! People brought a lot of tough blades to the table, with Dynamite F Perseus being far and away the most popular combo at the top. 

We saw folks playing a healthy mix of Staminadefense and Attack layers, and while I didn’t get it on video there were some excellent bursts! (Against me, which is why there’s no evidence lol)

I want to thank Oblivion Crysis, PokeLynx, Diamond Blader, Itzdro, Lyriq, and Dmaster1292 for stepping up and helping out with judging. Thanks to them we were able to keep all the rounds flowing and not too many pauses.

The top 4 was made up of Dmaster1292, Lyriq, Itzdro, and DiamondBlader, who all put up impressive performances in the group stage! Lyriq and DiamondBlader both ran Dynamite F Perseus Over Bearing’ here in the group stage, to 6-0 and 5-1 records respectively! Itzdro and Dmaster1292 both ran a mixture of Dynamite F and Guilty combos in their group stages.

In the semi finals and finals, it was a further Dynamite F slaughter, with DiamondBlader’s impressive bearing’ outlasting Dmaster1292’s mirror combo! Lyriq brought Vanish Longinus Giga Drift to try and recreate DiamondBlader’s only defeat in the group stage, but the Giga disc’s owd proved to be just a tad too low, and Dynamite carried DiamondBlader to a 5-2 finish in the finals! Both players having never even touched their other combos!

Congratulations to all the finalists, and to our winner DiamondBlader for his well earned victory, way to crush the meta! I expect many of us will have found solutions to Dynamite F Perseus by next time haha!

Thank you again for all the folks who came out to play, I know some of you drive far to be here and I’m grateful for your presence and those of you who bring your kids! If you didn’t they couldn’t come pulverize us! 😁 I look forward to seeing you all in a month or so!

Sounds like a fun event! Hope I can make it to the next one. Congrats to everyone!
D.P.F.Ov.Br' < A.P.Gg.Mx