What type of combo beyblade is this?

i put togther

AR: metal driger (hasbro)
WD: 10 balance.. (the big one i dont knwo what its called)
SG: dranzer-v (magnet core ) right spin
BB: dranzer v MG . metal tip ...

can some one tell me wat type of combo u think this is .. cause i read that metal drigers AR is a smasher?? and if u add all the itmes i have put togther at the topp. i woudl like it if some one told me the final product or the final type??
This is an attacker, but you can't really specify with that AR since it's not that great. There's no synergy between the parts either.
a crappy one
(Sep. 23, 2008  2:13 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: a crappy one

Dammit you beat me to it!