What to Buy in MFB

Here’s an updated thread for "What to Buy in MFB" with regards to Metal Fight Beyblade. The old thread worked well, but as time grew it became rather cluttered, sorting through it became tough so here’s a quick stop to see what you should buy for MFB. Any other discussion should be moved to Purchase Consultation if not already answered here. This thread should be updated regularly as new parts are released and tested.

If you're looking for more detailed information on each of the items listed below, make use of the website's search function before posting in another thread.


Obviously some of them are better than others; here is a list of particularly good releases and why. This may range from the whole beyblade being good to a single part like the Track or Bottom.

BB-01 Pegasis 105F: Overlooked for a while, the Pegasis Wheel has proven to be very versatile with high Tracks and a flat rubber Bottom. Alternatively, getting BB-05 Pegasis 145D can be recommended.

BB-04 Leone 145D: Leone's Wheel is a very strong Smash Attack part which, paired with RF, deals critical hits mostly at low levels. Its default Track and Bottom are however average for the most, which is why BB-08 Leone 105F is also advised.

BB-28 Storm Pegasis 105RF: Its bottom, RF, is a definite must have for any blader interested in Attack Types. It also includes a Beylauncher, which is the most powerful launcher at the moment.

BB-43 Lightning L Drago 100HF: Another excellent Wheel choice for Attack and in Left Spin : in fact, it's great at almost any height. It also has the 100 Track which is a good upgrade for Storm Pegasis. It includes a Left Spin Beylauncher, currently the only good launcher capable of launching Lightning L Drago or L Drago.

BB-55 Dark Cancer CH120SF: While Dark and SF aren’t particularly great parts, CH120 is a mainstay staple part. Its versatility is a very welcome factor allowing for the construction of very effective combos like Metal Face Lightning L Drago CH120RF. It is relatively heavy as well so it has use in Defense combinations too.

BB-47 Earth Aquila 145WD: Earth has proven itself to be a very useful Wheel for both Defense and Stamina. Its weight is amongst the heaviest in MFB making it the best option for Defense combos currently. WD is a viable bottom for Defense or Stamina.

BB-40 Dark Bull H145SD: Despite the fact that Dark is one of the worst Metal Wheels and that H145 has a lot of recoil, the Bull Clear Wheel is the best choice for both Stamina and Defense customizations due to the way its weight is distributed, and SD is a top-tier Stamina Bottom.

BB-59 Burn Phoenix 135MS: Unfortunately, this Beyblade only comes with one real good part: its Metal Wheel, Burn. It is one of the best Stamina Metal Wheels out because of its greater length which favours Stamina a lot. The Burn Metal Wheel also seems able to perform well against most types if associated with the right parts.

BB-71/BB-93 Ray Unicorno D125CS: Beside RF, CS is one of the best Bottoms specifically for Attack and Defense combinations. Since it has rubber itself too, but also a plastic sharp tip, it provides different sorts of attack behaviours. Furthermore, Ray is a very strong Metal Wheel with considerable Smash Attack. D125 can also be used in some Attack or Defense customizations.

BB-78 Rock Giraffe R145WB: Rock possesses some untapped potential in Attack combinations. While its Bottom has become outclassed in Defense, it is still a better alternative than many other Bottoms. This Beyblade's greatest part is probably its Track though, R145 : made of some rubber wings, it can convey the combination it is in some decent power absorption, but also some attacking skills.

BB-80 Gravity Perseus AD145WD: While its Hybrid Wheel is labelled as Defense, it has actually found more use in strong mid-height Attack combinations. Its Track, AD145, has great Stamina attributes and can even defeat 230 customizations. WD, as always, is one of the best Stamina Bottoms as well. This Starter also comes with the Beylauncher LR, which not only has more power than regular winder-based launchers, but can additionally spin both ways.

BB-91 Ray Gill 100RSF: As was mentioned for Ray Unicorno, its Metal Wheel has some strong Smash Attack. Its Track, 100, is also an extremely useful part in many combinations for almost all types, but the reason to get this Beyblade is really RSF, its tip. Similar to RS, it provides almost the same defending skills but even has less balancing problems, making it one of the best Defense Bottoms to date.

BB-95 Flame Byxis 230WD: Even though Flame is an outclassed Stamina Metal Wheel, this Beyblade is easily one of the best out of the box. Its ridiculously high Track is extremely useful both in Stamina, but also even in Defense. The only Track height that is able to consistently defeat it is 145, but since it's known that the latter is defeated by almost any lower Stamina combinations, 230 is a very powerful weapon in battle. Paired with such Bottoms as CS, 230 also makes for an almost invincible Defense Track. Furthermore, WD is a top-tier Stamina Bottom.

BB-96 Super Deck Set: This product comes with only very popular and strong combinations that Japanese Bladers used to win tournaments: MF Pegasis 85RF, Libra 100D, and Burn Cancer 90WD. Almost all the parts in this set have use in competitive customizations. The Metal Face that is included in this set is the Custom Ver. one, so you can build different combinations of Metal Faces. Pegasis is a very strong Attack Wheel, 85 is a staple part for almost everything, RF is one of the best Attack Bottoms, Libra has decent potential in all types, 100 and 90 both see use in Attack and Stamina, D and WD are some Stamina Bottoms, Burn is one of the best Stamina Wheels, and Cancer is a good substitute to Bull and Aquario in all types.

Quetzalcoatl 90WF: One of the rarest MFB's out there. It's got a somewhat limited release making it both hard to find on its own and quite expensive. However it's one of the best Attackers available, and mostly complete right "out of the box". While it does not come with an RF, WF is still plenty effective, and it already comes with the 90 track which is used for Quetzalcoatl 90RF and Storm 90RF customizations. The Wheel is the best Low Attacker around, it's also one of the nicest looking pre-HWS Wheels out there.

Virgo DF145BS: Virgo is a good choice for anyone really interested in Stamina. However, anyone looking to buy this Wheel should read this article before making any decisions. DF145 is the best track for Stamina currently tested.

Earth Virgo GB145BS: This release usually contains the second mold of the Earth Metal Wheel, which was strengthened for less breaks and therefore weighs more. It is very good for Defense. Its Track, GB145, is also a decent defense part since it is quite wide. Fortunately, while TAKARA-TOMY only released Earth Virgo as a Random Booster prize Beyblade and in the Beyblade Deck Entry Set, SonoKong came out with a starter for this top.

Grand Ketos WD145/T125RS: Available as two different Starters in two different colours from SonoKong or as the prize Beyblade of Random Booster Vol. 5, these Beyblades sadly only have one great part : their Bottom, RS. Consisting of rubber, it allows Defense types to remain even more in their spot due to the increased friction, but suffers from some balance issues. Still, it's definitely a staple part for Defense types.

85 Track: Unfortunately this Track does not come in an easily accessible Beyblade. It can be purchased individually on Yahoo! Japan Auctions, but otherwise it is only included with Mercury Anubis, BB-96 Super Deck Set and BB-98 Ultimate Reshuffle Set L Drago Ver. 85 is very useful in essentially all types : in Attack combinations such as Vulcan- or Lightning L Drago-based ones, it makes them deliver some powerful hits; in Stamina, it totally defeats all other heights except 230; in Defense, 85 has potential because it often brings the customization to the same level as the attacking opponent.


These are essential. Without a stadium you can’t really use your Metal Fight Beyblades. When considering your purchases you should definitely make sure you budget for one of these very soon. While it’s good to have one or two Beyblades for tournaments or playing with them at another person’s house/stadium, this should be a top priority acquisition.

BB-10 Beystadium Attack Type: This is another must have. Arguably one of the most balanced Stadiums created for MFB; it’s also a preferred Stadium by the majority of bladers for Metal Fight Beyblade.

BB-33 Beystadium Wide Square Type: Another really good stadium, it’s pretty balanced and also fairly large. It’s a good choice for either regular battles or multiplayer battles.


Not essentials for the most part, but if you're competitive almost all of the parts here are essential. They're all useful for giving you that little extra edge over your opponents.

BB-36/66/67 Metal Face: Sold in packs of two in the colors of Grey (36), Red (66), or Gun Metallic (67), they are extra parts which are very useful and functional in many competitive combos to add weight to the Beyblade.

BB-84/85 Metal Face Remodeling Ver.: These new types of Metal Faces offer four different modes of weight distribution. Each set comes with two Faces made of four different parts: a Metal Core, a Plastic Core, a Metal Plate, and a Plastic Plate. While more tests need to be conducted, the combination of a Metal Core and a Metal Plate makes a Face that is heavier than the regular Metal Faces, greatly helping in Defense combinations.

BB-15 Launcher Grip: Some of it is preference, some of it is comfort. Most players tend to use these if they can.

BB-58 Beylauncher Suspension: This is a very important part if you wish to prolong the life of your Beylaunchers. It rectifies a fatal flaw in its design and helps protect the handle and string from breaking.