What's Your Beyblade team name?

Poll: Team or solo?

Team player
Lone Blader
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Well, I used to have my own but decided to join my friends team
It's BigBangFury
Sorry but were currently not recruiting
I heard of that team, big bang fury is a seriously strong team sorry if I sounded strange then. I want to have a wicked battle with team BigBangFury.
my team is the SHADOW WARRIORS we use the l drago bey
The team of mine that is in the process of SLOWLY growing is Indiana noise. It has two people now and I hope we can get more to make the Indiana beyblade community large. This team I'm hoping to be in more Southern Indiana but I will travel north if I have to. Heck, I'd go to Michigan for Coaches tourneys!!
(Nov. 30, 2012  7:27 PM)aidanoe Wrote: What's Valens beyblade called and how strong is he 1-100%

his bey is burn leone 125 (fake tip) sharp

p.s it was a fluke win but on a scale of 1-100 of how strong he is he's about a 74, i'm 86 and tony is about the same
I am the proud joint leader (along with Samurai-ifraid1) of team Blazing Inferno and we are kind of an online team. We are all over the globe so we represent team BF in our battles. Look in my Sig for a list of members. We are recruiting ANYONE! so... will YOU join¿
How can you have a team online? You cant battle together....
Correct me if im wrong.
I am not in a team, but i want to Smile But i don't know which team... Unhappy
(Dec. 07, 2012  6:44 PM)Shadoow Wrote: How can you have a team online? You cant battle together....
Correct me if im wrong.
I am not in a team, but i want to Smile But i don't know which team... Unhappy

Pick one near your area or create your own and most team normally meet at tournament that there close too
Right Now?I'm a member of Team Salamander.
I'd love to have a team! Though I can't think of what I'd name it xD
I'm a lone blader, no doubt. But if I DID have a team, it'd be StarLight Bladers. (SLB) It'd be a team of 6- people, cause I'm not fit to lead GIANT groups.
My team name is Team Ancient Knights! We consist of only 6 people but we are becoming much larger!
team rostaring wind

rostaring wind means a new word only 3 members in my team who wants to be in my team just set a mail to shaadmoidu@gmail.com

if you want join my team with my cousins(brother and sister).
Proud captain of Team BeyChakra!
Team leader of 'Team We Don't Have A Name Cause Luck's Too Lazy To Think Of One'. XP
I lead the international HellBringers, formerly known as the Kerbecians.
I'm the leader of the best Indian Beyblade team "Beyblade Nightmares-Elite Beyblade team".
I'm a lone blader. I'm too strong to have a team. I'm just awesome like that. '-' Now I could help at times but I'm like grounded from my computer n stuff ya know. It's hard to sneak at times so.. yea
Don't forget Team Hammerbolt or you'll regret it
Why would I regret it?
Anyway, along with scout25, I'm the leader of The Renegades! (Theres gotta be a term for when two people are leading something. Not co-leader but...eh whatever)
We used to be the Infernobladerz.
What was it again, team screwdriver surge? (not regreting anything haha)
But anyhow, I'm the Leader of my Local Team: The Connecticut Bey Blazers.
Team Duobreakers. Jut me and three other good bladers from my school. We would battle all of our friends ...................Anytime,Anywhere.! Uncertain But we are not that good. .....I am the leader and the best and we have a sub member. Everybody we know has beys even five year olds so we battle everywhere we go really. All of us has launcher grips ,Who doesn't?. . Every three months ,every blader in the school would form teams and have a big tournament. Then there will be one winning team and they would battle each other to determine the no.1 blader in the entire school,then everybody would go against him in a best out of ten battle to see if he is WORTHY! I was just informed we got another member
Im Part of :
we named it because... err we like cake and... my freind likes atomic waste and stuff...
4 members is ok as it is a school thing
but recently girls have been playing latley ( I know what you are thinking as they are 11 and all ) so they have challenged me and all so... we can just get them (and not in the wrong way)