What face do you use in your main combo?

This is a thread to see what face's people like to use in their main combos and why. (Besides metal face by the way =P)

Also if you like post what Bit Chips and Bit Protectors you used in the plastic and HMS generation.

I use the Wolf face and for bit chips i always used Wolborg. I know it looks like i have a thing for wolfs and maybe i do but i just picked them because i thought they looked the coolest. What about all of you?
Pegasis face....atleast for now ( I like aquarrio better, but I don't have one yet). As for bitchips, I use the frog bit from saizo (with bit protector), megaro arm, master draciel, and the tiger guy from bistool. Cute
If I am going to mix them up, then I use the Virgo and Capricorne one the most.
Any reason why you both use those?
Sagittario because I love its design.
And Cancer, because It's my sign. (Even though I hate that its a stickered face)

with Plastic, I usually used whatever bitchip I picked up first, Tongue_out
and with HMS, I usually used Jiraiya MS's, since it was the tightest mold, and I liked the emblem on it.
(Jun. 03, 2009  1:24 AM)Maz Wrote: Any reason why you both use those?

I just really like the design of those. I like Virgo a lot as you might be able to tell.

As for Capricorne, not a lot of people use it, and it does look unique.
I usually just grab stuff tbqh. But, I really like to use Quetzalcoatl's Face.
No real reason for any of mine besides that I like the way they look.
I would use Quetz's face a ton if I had it. I wish I got it from a booster
(Jun. 03, 2009  1:30 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: I usually just grab stuff tbqh. But, I really like to use Quetzalcoatl's Face.

Can't believe I forgot about Quetz faces.
Both of them are really nice looking (Especially with the clear plastic)
Which ever looks nice and matches the parts of the combo best Tongue_out
I really like to use L Drago mainly because of it's design...
But I also use Virgo sometimes because it's my birth-sign

EDIT: When I used my plastics or HMS I'd just randomly choose one (the ones in the show mostly) Tongue_out_wink XD
I use Leone because It goes with about everything since its white. Its also my favorite that I have so far.
And as for bit chips, I use the one the beyblade came with. I dont like mixing the colors if I can help it.
I use leone, because it just seem's to be my favourite mfb at the moment (both leone and rock leone) and for plastics i mostly used the driger s bit chip because it's my favourite bitchip of all time Smile
Holographic Samuri and Frog Bit Chips from Saizo, and a Holographic Rhino looking Bit Chip. I still need to take a picture of them, because I feel dumb not knowing what the bitbeast name is.
For Plastics I usually put Dragoon on it or Driger, for Mfb I put Pegasis.
I use the same face that matches the wheel. It'll change whenever I get my Metal Faces though Smile
for plastics i usually put dragoon or dranzer. But for MFB i've always been using pegasus
For MFB I Use..nothing since I dont have one,For Plastics I use Metal Dranzer,For HMS I use Strata Dragoon and for MFB I Shall be using storm pegasis since it will be the only one I have.If and when I get a bigger collection I shall use aquario
(Jun. 03, 2009  1:30 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: I usually just grab stuff tbqh. But, I really like to use Quetzalcoatl's Face.

Same; I never really care which face is on a combo, but since I will have both Quetzalcoatl faces soon, I'll probably use those all the time. Outside of Metal Face.
That Reminded when I got metal faces,Im gonna recolor them Purple..and I will use that for real playing,and aquario for test battles
Just thought I would mention that if I had a WBO face; that carp would be on every single bey of mine.

Speaking of which I need to get that custom Virgo face printed.
Will be using my face soon Grin Currently Wolfs is pretty cool.
I would use Leone's face but for some reason it gets stuck in the 105 track D: