What double chassis goes best on Mobius?

Look at the title above. I was wondering what would have the most LAD paired with Mobius. I already know that 1S wheel is good, but I would enjoy being further enlightened.
everything will depend on the layer/ring it self
on right spin its better if you go 2A -1B
for left spin 1B-2S
if you don't have these double chassis wth you
ill reccomend using perfect phoniex with mobius
Awakened 2B will work

(Nov. 07, 2020  9:28 AM)Harshmello249 Wrote: Awakened 2B will work
Just use 2B in free-spin(defense mode) while using dread vertical so it becomes smoother
Well for the most lad you would want it to be standing up so 2d is actually a good option as it reduces the chance of falling because of the weight and it doesn't take big hits either