What beys should I get

What beys should I get so I can make 3 solid combos
If we're talking Takara-Tomy, the cheapest would be to get the God Customize Set. It's one of the items mentioned in your other thread.

To quote MonoDragon from elsewhere, you can make up to 3 good combos at one time:
(Apr. 04, 2018  3:10 AM)MonoDragon Wrote: The God Customize Set for Burst
Top Tier Parts it comes with:
Top Tier Combos that can be made with those parts:

You can add beys from there to increase your combos. Add B-100 to let you have the Spriggan Requiem layer and 0 core disc. Add B-97 to let you have the Nightmare Longinus layer and Destroy driver. Get a Maximum Garuda layer, even.

It just starts adding up from there, with GCS's parts providing a good foundation to work from. That's why it's so highly recommended.