What are some good 3d printed gimmick ideas you have?

Hello everyone,

I am wondering what are some good gimmicks that have come to mind for 3d Printed Beyblades? It needs to have realistic features, so the gimmick can't be too complex (of course). What would the gimmick do, how will it make the Beyblade good/cool, and what would the mechanism be like?

I will model and print these gimmick ideas, making sure I credit who thought up of the idea.

Note, I will only make selected ones of my choosing that I really like. This isn't just for 3d printed Beyblades, tho, I also genuinely want to hear some cool ideas. Images to describe what you are talking about is much appreciated.

Thank you.
Springs, rubber, free spin
I think a gimmick similar to that of Kreis Cygnus from MFB has would be interesting for a Burst Bey. It would just be that one mode is free-spinning and the other mode isn't.
Superking version of Driger V2: The Ring and Chassis combine to form a very large slope.

Ratchet’s gimmick on the layer, complete with rubber on the ring on ratchet.
Astro/Apollo, Artemis, Aether, Eclipse.
Need I say any more?
What about the energy layer spins one direction and the driver spins the other (probably have horrible stamina but whatever)
(Mar. 20, 2020  1:26 PM)Breakerz Wrote: Layer outside is freespin

So tornado wyvern.
spring that make beys go YEET
(Mar. 20, 2020  2:21 PM)Ravinchen Wrote: spring that make beys go YEET

RC beys where you can push a button and the tip pops out, making the Bey go YEET
Might be a bit complicated
Something similar to the clicking gimmick of nightmare Longinus in which a different click will change the type of the layer by moving main contacts to different points on the layer. Ex: no clicks is balance, 1 click is attack, 2 clicks is stamina, 3 clicks is defense.(This bey would have to have 4 clicks to make sense.)