What Makes A Top Tier?

Permission to repost granted, being nice ended up going nowhere.

So, first a Quote from the Competitive Metal Fight Beyblade Combos:
Competitive Metal Fight Beyblade Combos Wrote:This is a list of currently competitive combos in the Metal Fight Beyblade metagame.

hmmm...in the meta game...Chief 2002 - Hmm ...

Is the strongest Attack Metal Wheel necessarily good in the Metagame?

Are the longest spinning Stamina Metal Wheels necessarily good in the Metagame?

The Competitive Metal Fight Beyblade Combos topic has always listed the Attack Combo's with the best attack; the Stamina Combos with the best Stamina; and the Defense Combos with the best Defense.

But is that what makes a Combo good in the Metagame?

My favourite definition of a Top Tier is from Yamislayer, where he told me a while back:
Yamislayer Wrote:A Top Tier should really be the combos that do well is more situations than other combos in that category.
That isnt the exact quote, but i'm not going to go find the PM; you get the point though.

We've sort of moved towards a blend of both, taking things into consideration such as dual spin direction, etc, but does Hell Kerbecs BD145CS really give you a better chance than Basalt CS variants? Hell Kerbecs BD145CS is a balance type, but even then, while it does beat multiple types and certain combos here and there, Basalt BD145/230CS is a go to combo that ends up getting further in tournaments.

Should people's ability be taken into account? Should different areas be taken into account?

So there's two definitions. Now you tell me.
I really like this, i'll wait to see what people think about this.
I already posted this in beyblade general, I just posted it here because I actually wanted it to be discussed.


Dan's post is in there.