West Coast Bladers - [Western Canada, Western US]

West Coast Bladers is meant to promote bringing WBO Bladers from this region of the United States and Canada closer together as a community! Bladers from Arizona, Alaska, British Columbia, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington can come together and hang out and discuss about our common hobby. This can be a little fun thing we do as we represent the Western part of the WBO!

On this thread we can discuss meet ups and ways to grow this part of the community. Majority of the discussion may be on discord however so keep that in mind.

(This isn't really meant to be as a competitive team, but more of a get together of Beyblade enjoyers around this region)

Discord (You're welcome to join even if you aren't from the area): https://discord.gg/mvsKWYSGUe
Give is your soul Can confirm this is a very cool server. Nice job on getting the Thread posted, Cinder. If you’re from the area and want to join you definitely should.