WBO Writing-Help It

whatever the case is, we need to fix it. ALL OF IT.

Who cares if they have bad grammar? they will improve thru time. Who cares if they have bad spelling? they can read books to improve their vocabulary. Who cares if they make a story? ITS THEIR LIFE.

If I were the mods, I will Warn people who are harsh. It's part of the rules: RESPECT
What was posted in the topic I closed was definitely bad manner and clearly needs to be changed.
You know who cares if they have bad grammar or spelling? Publishers. Yeah, a lot of people want to get their stories published; not going to happen unless they put effort into making it look nice. Who cares if they make a story? The people that want to stop seeing bad writing; the people that want them to improve, something a lot of people refuse to do.

Plus, it's not hard at all to type with proper grammar and spelling. Not so good at grammar? Pay attention in English class. Not so good at spelling? Get a browser that has a spell check built in; Google Chrome and Firefox both have one.

That is all I ask for. Make it look nice, and it'll be 10 times better. I can't stand bad grammar in my life outside the internet, and I can't stand it on the internet. I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but getting your grammar and spelling on lock now, will help you so much later in life.
Dr. Peace Retired
well, mistakes is a stepping stone for those who want to succeed. We once face that problems where we all make the same mistake as theirs. As one of the people who usually make mistakes, it is quite hard to accept a harsh comment. That is why i think between each comment should slip a little praise for their hard work. that is what i think and what Dex is saying. Even Kai-V has stated that is her last reply. Deikailo's opinion is quite interesting. Even though this website is basically about beyblade, the admin has given us the opportunity to express our creativity in your creation forum. Either story or graphics, both are done using their own creativity. In order to gain respect for our work, at least we should respect others hard work before they respect us...

its still the case of ganging up a dude. I mean, c'mon, almost 10 members taking down 1. Serioulsy, one word is enough.

AND, not most people want their stories publish... Like me Uncertain
Sure, they're stepping stones when they improve. Otherwise, it is plain annoying. Slipping praise to a story that has nothing to praise is counter-productive, and is the main reason bad stories continue. I respect effort. If you make no effort to make a story readable, I will say so. Maybe I need to tone it down, I'm working on it. But the words are apt. If something sucks, it sucks, that's all there is to it. Sure, I'll work on not being so blunt, but I'm not going to praise a story that does not deserve praise. Like people who praised "The Crazy Story", that garbage that Breilyranger made. Roan said it himself, it made him sick to read. The reason it did was because it continued due to seriously flawed support. That shouldn't happen. Bad stories are simply bad. Not excusing any of the unnecessary posts, including mine, but praising a bad story is too far. SLow on the criticism? I'm all for it. Past that, nah, I'll pass.
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I try to keep out of these sort of conversations, or all conflicts in general. But as a fellow writer I feel it is my duty to help out here.
The state of stories in the 'Your Creations' forums is horrid, I think we all agree on that. But I also agree that sometimes people are too harsh. Sure, if a story is really bad it is bad.
Bad spelling, bad grammer and a bad plot. It sounds like it was written by a 6 year old. Children's story books are written better.
This does not mean people have to post saying:
'This story is bad, it has no creativity whatsoever and almost every word is spelt wrong. Grammer is so poor I want to throw up and it is a rip off of another story I have read. Stop writing this now.'
I have seen stuff like that. If a story is bad, do what I do. Don't post on it. If no one posts in a thread the writer will eventually get bored and just stop. That has nearly happened to me a few times with my story (although I hope it is not as bad as some of the aforementioned ones). By posting you bring their bad story to the top of the list of threads and makes it more visible, while good stories get bumped down. If you don't post the story will not get bumped up and will be forgotten (hopefully). If you only post on threads that contain good stories, then the people who own those stories will be encouraged to keep writing while bad writers will be discouraged without even saying a word.
Just a suggestion. I'll probably disappear from this conversation for a while now, as I said earlier I prefer to steer away from these sorts of topics. They never end well for anyone (in my experience anyway).
@SDC It's a good idea, but I have one problem: The reason I post in the first place is because I want them to improve. If no one posts on the story, they won't get criticism and won't improve. I feel that, as a writer, it's almost my job to help people get better at and be the best they can be.
And we don't want them to stop. We (at least I) want them to improve. Otherwise they'll quit and be at the same level.
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There should be a rule where if you have a new chapter, you should edit your thread and put it there. I've seen people who caught my eye with a great title, so when i click on it, it turns out to be past chapter one, so I have to check their thread history and find it.
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We just need to help them...

maybe the threads would need to be approved before posting... That way only good stories would be posted...

maybe a committee full of great writers (RowDog, Sparta, Temporal, ShiftShadow etc) to approve them...
Haha, the WBO writing committee! Nah, it doesn't have to be that big of a deal, right? It's just writing-and this is a beyblade website.

Perhaps just one or two people are all that's required.
S.D.C Retired
I like the idea of a writing comity, maybe after the next writing comp has ended teh results could be compared and we work out the best writers from there?
Dr. Peace Retired
writing committee is a good idea but this forum is basically a beyblade forum. Therefore this committee might not be needed. Why not appoint someone that is suitable for monitoring the writing of the members in WBO unofficially. This is because appointing a committee for the purpose of this might stray from the roots of why WBO is created....Just my opinion.
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Why dont you get people to modderate the your creations forum ?
(Sep. 12, 2011  2:50 AM)Bunnii2165 Wrote: We just need to help them...

maybe the threads would need to be approved before posting... That way only good stories would be posted...

maybe a committee full of great writers (RowDog, Sparta, Temporal, ShiftShadow etc) to approve them...

i'm not on the great writers list? Gasp Unhappy nah kidding but seriously I guess this idea would be ok, but people would think it was biased, and do you know how many story threads open each day? I think it would be too hard...
You know, this was posted before the state of the wbo thread

i guess we can just discuss about it there. I think the questions and comments is cluttered way to much because of this

NOW, i suggest we do. Yet i must inform you that the mods rumoured that the YC Is goin to be split. Hopefully it will
I'm pretty sure it got closed...is it still open?

Just checked; it is. I think this deserves its own thread, but if we need to let's close it.
Hm, a Writing Comittee sounds great! I nominate Temporal and Sparta! But in my mind, any writer we recognize as good should be in.
It's not just about writing, but time and moderation skills. Most of us them have to go to school and get homework Uncertain
So then we need an adult to do it? Problem is, all of the good writers on here (So far as I know) aren't 18. We really don't have much choice; unless Deikailo decides to run it alone Uncertain.
Yeah, but that's even more of a problem. Most of the older members who aren't in school have jobs, which take up time too. Who can take this task? Chief - Hmm ...
Ya know, even those who have school or jobs still have time after school or work. It's not like they don't go on at all...
Yeah, I get pretty good grades, and I'm pretty dang active! One problem with non-adults is the risk of being grounded.
That's a big risk? I mean, if that happens...too bad. That's why we have 2 people on the staff. So if one can't go on, the other takes over for the time being.