WBO Ultimate Sprite Tornament! -For chance to work in the fusion lab!!!-

This was Originally made for fun but...
This is also to replace CTRLSSOUL. He will be missed.

Example of work:
Sprite Resource(Where you find your sprites):

About the tournament:
This is a tournament to show off your sprites, improve your skills, or just have fun!

Poke-Fusion lab staff are not allowed to enter. (To prevent one of us from winning)
No stealing sprites of the internet! If we catch you, you will be blacklisted.

Have fun.

1st Place: Userbar, 1st Place Trophy sprite, Legend Mew, NEWEST MEMBER OF THE FUSION LAB STAFF
2nd Place: Userbar, 2nd Place Trophy sprite.
3rd Place: UserBar, 3rd Place Trophy sprite.

Sweeeettt!!!!! SPRITEING HAS BROUGHT BACK MY LOVE FOR POKEMON!!!! I am not a good spriter but still trying to get better. Heres my best so far:
[Image: PlasmaRaquaza.jpg]
Sprite resource: Google and other websites
Not allowed? Serious

(Sep. 16, 2011  2:04 AM)NoodooSoup Wrote: Not allowed? Serious


We would PWN everyone. and the prizes would be useless.
Example: [Image: 2ef24aa.png] ( I hope it's ok if it's the one I used for the Sprite War)


Sprite Resource: Sprite sheets I saved in Paint.
[Image: greeenblastoise.png]
sprite rescource: google
i darkened his shell added a gold trim and multiple green colors on the skin. giving it more of a turtle look.
im a rookie havnt really done anything ever with sprites. i <3 Blastoise
Infinite, your application does not count. Read the rules plz.

sorry for bad grammar, on my crappy netbook.
Cmon, nothing? this is the biggest spriting tournament of the year!
Besides smaybe this. I think everyone is to busy competing in my tournament at the moment. It doesn't work too well with two big tournaments on the same topic at the same time.
Example Sprite: [Image: BirdTrio.png]
Age: 14
Sprite Resource: Spriters' Resource

I'm not entirely sure if I can join or not, but if I can, sign me up.
^You can't you work for Recolor Shop Recolor shop has merged with Fusion Lab. Which mean Fusion Lab staff.
I think it was a bad idea to put this up when there are two tournaments already running. I would join if this was Summer, but because of school, I have almost no time for these things. :\
Dont be offended by that.
By golden mew, do you mean a pokemon for our DS games?
(Sep. 20, 2011  11:57 PM)Crow Wrote: By golden mew, do you mean a pokemon for our DS games?

Probably not because there is no Golden Mew for DS games. I think it's a sprite
This could benefit me in some way or another... lemme have a shot at it. Hopefully I can stay in this one...
Example of work:
[Image: bahph.png]
Age: 13
Sprite Resource(Where you find your sprites): I have a sprite sheet from one tutorial... I forget where it came from, hah. If necessary, I will use Pokemon Elite 2000 (if that's the name... :\ )
EDIT: This sprite looks a little different than I remember... let's see if I can find the non-transparent one.
Oh yeah, Dont put your age if you dont want to.
Ex:[Image: unledfc.png]
Just one of my bad sprites I made for the war.
Age: 12
Sprite ResourceConfusedpriters Resource.
Hope I win OR place(as there are AWESOME SAUCE spriters here).
does it have to be pokemon? i have lots of custom megaman sprites ive been DYING to show :3
I would assume it should be pokemon because it's to take ControL_s Soul_'s place in the Pokemon Fusion Lab
Yeah, Sorry. But still PM then to me if possible. I am quite curious to see what potential you have.