WBO Organized Play Updates July 2023: X Organized Play, New Clauses, and more!

Hello World Bladers!

As the title implies, the Organized Play Team is excited to announce and present Day 1 rules for Beyblade X Format. In very large part thanks to the painstaking effort behind the scenes by the talented TrainiacJ! As well as some minor additions to the Ranked Clauses Guide and tweaks to a previously clunky point value chart.

  • [IMPORTANT] New Format: X Format Added! 
  • [IMPORTANT] Ranked Clauses Guide: New Clauses Added!
  • [IMPORTANT] Match Types Guide: Default 'Win Condition Values' Chart Streamlined.

Format Addition: Beyblade X is Here!

The long-awaiting release of Beyblade X is finally here, and it seems like just yesterday that rumours were circulating of a new generation being in development! With product officially out in Japan we thought it right to do our best in providing WBO members with our own rulebook, allowing Day 1 Players to have a resource to make quick and easy reference to, providing a WBO Organized Play experience from the very beginning.

We have bound together a rulebook for Beyblade X that features many gameplay ruling aspects from the official B4 source interpretations, along with taking cues from existing frameworks we have in place for older generations! Take a look at it below and acquaint yourselves with it if you plan on hosting X Format events in the near future:

Ranked Clauses Added: X Format First and Final Stage Point Values, Out-of-Bounds KOs, Paint/Sticker Restrictions!

Tangentially related are a few new Ranked Clauses, which are all either specific to X Format or otherwise apply to it.

First things first, Beyblade X is played to 4 points rather than the traditional 3 points. For parity with our final stage in past generations having a higher number of points needed to win, we've made it so the Final Stage in X Format is played to 7 points

So, in order to match the corresponding clauses that already exist in our formats played from 3 to 5 points, we've included clauses for setting the point values of the First and Final stages at 7 and 4 points respectively.

Ranked Clauses Guide Wrote:7 Point First Stage (Beyblade X)
First Stage Matches are played to 7 points for this Tournament.
Ranked Clauses Guide Wrote:4 Point Final Stage (Beyblade X)
Final Stage Matches are played to 4 points for this Tournament.

The next Ranked Clause is regarding Out-of-Bound KOs. Namely the flashy upwards Knock-Outs resulting in a Beyblade leaving the area entirely through the top of the shroud, seen since the very first footage of Beyblade X play started surfacing:

Ranked Clauses Guide Wrote:“Out-of-Bounds” ruled as Over Finish (Beyblade X)
Any Beyblade that goes out-of-bounds in this Tournament will be considered knocked-out instead. If a Beyblade is knocked-out in this manner, it will count as an Over Finish.

We are by default using B4’s gameplay rulings to set our baseline for Beyblade X Organized Play, our definition of KO stipulates that if a Bey is knocked-out through the opening in the Xtreme Stadium’s cover, it constitutes a draw. (As outlined by the 2nd edition of the B4 rulebook). 

Since we recognize that many bladers find over-the-shroud KOs to be fun and exciting, we’ve decided to include a ranked clause for counting this situation as a legitimate win condition. We’ll keep a keen eye on which ruling Bladers and Organizers prefer to play with as time goes on.

The final Ranked Clause added in this update is regarding decorations/painting. Technically this is not exclusive to Beyblade X, but meant to provide newer-age players with a familiar alternative experience since our default rules respect the fact that prior to Beyblade Burst, decorating one's Beyblade was a core feature we embraced. The clause reads as follows:

Ranked Clauses Guide Wrote:Decorated Parts Prohibition
  • Bladers may not use parts that have been decorated in the following ways for this Tournament:
    • Parts that have been painted/clear-coated unofficially.
    • Parts that have been decorated with unofficial/homemade stickers.

As mentioned, with the debut of X Format, we include within it a traditional WBO feature that Burst-era Bladers may not remember: a Blader’s ability to aesthetically customize their beys. 

Through the Plastic Generation and all the way up into Metal Fight, we allowed and still allow Bladers to express their creativity on their Beyblades so long as it doesn’t affect their performance and is in good taste. 

While Burst has been a challenge to legislate for on that front, Beyblade X is a much simpler system to define these rules within, so we’ve decided to bring this freedom back in our newest Format. For any Organizers who don't care for this change, we’ve included a ranked clause for prohibiting use of these customized Beyblades.

If you want to implement these or any other Ranked Clauses at your next event, be sure to access the Ranked Clauses BBCode Resource in the Organizer's Circle for the correct formatting to be used when submitting a tournament!

Match Types Guide: Default Point Chart Updated, Burst Formats' KO Value Revisited!

Along with the introduction of the X Format, we took some time to revisit certain areas of our rules to see if we could streamline things and make our rules more accessible, consistent, and legible. The most obvious change being to our rather long Points Value Chart that simply didn't need to be as convoluted as it was by the end of the Burst era.

To give you an idea, here is what it looks like from now on:

[Image: XfEJEYy.png]

This change is not just cosmetic. 

There is no longer a default recommendation based on point values, previously we had two charts with slightly different values depending on whether the Match Win Points value was 3 or 5. It also depended on Format, meaning every single unique Burst Format received a row. 

Frankly, this was just a point of confusion, and in the case of Formats like Burst Limited, meant different rules for different stages with no practical reason. 

So now, across all of the Burst Formats (BSC, BSL, BGT, BST) the default Knock-Out value is now 2 points. This is consistent with our new default KO definition being slightly stricter and allowing for rebounds. For those using the Ranked Clause version of Knock-Outs, we recommend the older 1 point value. 

Please keep this in mind going forward with default-ruling Burst Organized Play Events.

Your input is greatly appreciated If you have any feedback on these particular changes, or any questions or suggestions for further adjustments or additions, please post your thoughts below or in the WBO Organized Play Rules thread

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of WBO Organized Play! We appreciate any and all feedback and are always looking to improve and clarify things where possible.
That was so quick, thank you to the staff for working hard to get X out as soon as possible.
Everything looks good and happy to see stickers are legal for BEYBLADE X! Very awesome to see!
we won customizer bros............
Very excited about this update, thanks for the Great work everyone on staff
So far, Ranked Clause is a success. I just want to add that there should be an option for a no repeating variant or a 1 variant ranked clause. This will balance 5G tournaments which are starting to get popular. All drift team is too much, but I believe a single variant is enough. A total ban on drifts is too much and unfair to those who spent a lot on mbd, but a one variant rule will be fair. This clause mainly affects 5G formats and won't be felt that much on 3-bey formats.