WBO Organized Play Rule Updates October 2021

(Nov. 14, 2021  2:33 AM)DeceasedCrab Wrote: Way I see it, it's like gears. One copy of a gear. So if you've got Dangerous and Dynamite and Devil in a deck, you're not going to be allowed 3 F gears. Likewise, probably not going to be allowed two Xtend+ chips. Even if you could have Xtend and High Xtend' in the same deck, you'd likely be stuck to one + between them. I don't think this ever came up for Xtend and Xtend+ because original Xtend is not good.

Right it’s not good and never came up. I’m just curious is all. Because the driver isn’t really a driver without either of the chips on it. It’s one of those really weird grey areas. Unless for the sake of arguments we want to give the regular chip a name, like the - chip. Then the driver portion would actually be what is called Xtend.