WBO Organized Play Random Thoughts

man i remember when this thread used to be poppin

Anyways, while it hasn't been enough time to warrant another full blown update here, I just wanted to make a notice that both BladerBeast, after IT'S RAINING BEYBLADES, and Justin TC, after HIGH PARK THROWDOWN 11 (BSC), have reached the top 5 in the Burst Rankings and qualified for the Platinum Face. Congratulations!
Didn't get to go to the VA tourney. Would have liked to meet the guys from four gaming.  But hoping to make top again and hopefully better than my last tourney in placement.  Very excited to see some of the top bladers in America once more.  I feel I was lucky when I played them before but, hope for a repeat of such luck.  I'll also be trying to make it to that tournament in NC to win that pass to the summer games.  Hoping to see all who signed up for both in the ring.  Good luck all!
why did you make a whole thread for this? '-'